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Natural Orgonite microgranade shop

Hi anyone, I happy to present you the last kind of orgonite products i done.

This kind of orgonite, about its small dimensions, can be used in a great variety of ways, from the use to have an empowered crystaltherapy, to make gifting, and help environment with a very little expense. Best is both things i guess. You can use to help a damaged plant, put in refrigerato to keep more long fresh the food, and also gift to persons you love.

You can also chose one of each kind to have a complete kit for crystalteraphy and reiki. Or choose, not having time to do, to spend a little quantity of money, to do your little “gift campaign”, not goin’ ruine.

Anyway, is the easiest and cheapest way to enter in contact with the real orgone, not plastic for flying market.

Any of my orgonite, as you can see, is done manually and artigianally, no machines, no firm of plastic beside, but an artisan and artist.

Any of my orgonite, as you can see, is done manually and artigianally, no machines, no firm of plastic beside, but an artisan and artist.

Remembering you the link to direct access to the store page of microgranade…

the shop have open to USA

the shop have open to USA

Hi anyone, i decided to open shop also to USA, i sent an orgonite time ago to a friend in California and… well, if you no need a fast run, you will have your orgonites at home as in Europe. With the PAYPAL payment way, there are no problems to order and recieve my beeswax orgone products instead do by yourself, if you will prefer so.

Hoping to do a pleasant things to many of you, send you my best regards ❤ ^_^ ❤ .


The direct link to shop is : google translate as ever is in the upper left corner 🙂

Orgone Beeswax – The Benefits – by users

One of my Pyramid orgonite beeswax photographed by famous Photograph of energies Daniele Gullà

One of my Pyramid orgonite beeswax photographed by famous Photograph of energies Daniele Gullà

Large amount of talk has been made on my beeswax orgone, all cases from peoples never had, never try to do, debunkers payed to say lies. Anycase friends, USA is the country where Wilhelm Reich has been persecuted, then jailed and in jail killed, opps, he die officially for an heartbrake kick, he was sad. family never believed to that, and dude, i neither. In this article i want salute the best debunker in the world, the man that convinced english spoken world that plastic is organic, the famous traveller, yes you know, i speak about the actress, Lara Croft, and movies she-he did last three years, “tobm crystal” and “debunker rider”… 🙂

But i no toke care of those “disinformers”, they well know the power of the positive orgone energy, protonic energy in fact, as we have the electron energy from negative electrons, also we have positive one from protons. And they knew how much was important put doubts inside persons interested to do or to have, scare them, and if possible make them destroy it… insane, don’t ? Anycase why stay to discuss with them when there were no datas to see ? I mean long time experiences, you must know one of the stupidity they told (and tell) is wax would absorbe negative energy, with time, and became dangerous. Obvoiusly just an ignorant could listen this, but the problem is tha many ARE ignorant, and believed. Strange case after three years I do my bath everyday with my orgone beeswax in my bathwater, and i have a perfect salute. They told was bad keep under bed, and after three years peoles done it has been cured from any kind of deseases, phisically, including damaging ills degenerative, and also about the emotional and sphere. Who had minor advantage was who had good health, they “just” speel like angels and awake like lions, including very old persons.

Also in those three years we collect succeses (like Reich to his times) in regrowth of vegetation, expecially to have good food, enormous products but of high quality. Persons buried under their coltivations, and had wonder results. Other cured ill trees, from parasithes genetically modified very aggressive with natural cultures. I personally used in my little garden, i just token a picture, but this year i will do for all products i will have.

the first plant given were so big, wonderfull flavour and consistency, Wilhelm Reich had reason

the first plant given were so big, wonderfull flavour and consistency, Wilhelm Reich had reason

Many other persons have used my orgoniti to cure others, from Reiki to a powered crystaltherapy, from massage phisiotherapy to support therapy under chemiotherapy. At the end, for love of the true, i collected experiences from many persons in Italy, many had bought beeswax orgone by me, others had built by themselves. You can also read this article in my main site. The translator of google is upper right corner, i don’t know if it will translate pretty well the comments, sometimes is used slang, other times a wrong use of points etc. But the most i think is understandable, almost in any language of translation.

But this article, on this site, is made for all of you that had listened me, three years ago and less, and made beeswax orgone for you, and your friends, to protect against chemtrails, damaging strong waves of wireless, microwaves and strong electromagnetical champs, and all the use you did about. I think discuss without any result like debunkers do, is not the right way and i preferred work, wait, and then give results. So feel free to comment, i just ask to use english, any country you come from and specify your country if you like. Comments not in english will be not allowed by admin.

Of course i had teached to many spanish language persons, if they prefer wait to comment, I will soon do a similar note for them, in spanish, so they will be free to comment in their language. This because spanish is officila language of many nations, and also in USA is the second spoken language. For all the others please use english. ❤ ^_^ ❤ cheers and hugs

Marek Sheran

Beeswax orgone energy

Hi to anyone, I have opened as a joke this wordpress blog, because in fact i was thinking to build my site, in a personal domain, so I opened this accont from Facebook, and then almost forget for long months. Then, I began to understand how wordpress work, and built that, my domain is Here all is poor, i mean, no plugin, few personalizations, I would see what we can get out from this stuff. The reason because i thought to began to use it too (this blog) is because my principal site is in italian language, and, the time to translate decently all is far to have now.

I installed the google plugin translator site, it not work bad for english, but for other languages is very nasty. Is true, is possible correct the translations to have a better one, well, anycase, the site is in italian, and so I choose to begin to work on this blog too. For the first thing i decided to transform this blog in a domain, spending some bucks (euro) for you, rest of the world that don’t speak italian, but surely some english like me you know. And i choose domain for the importance to give to anyone, in english some informations about orgonite. The debunkers, still convincing ignorant that plastic is organic, i afraid for the persons forget the lessons learned in the elementary school, do you remember when the teacher explained you that in this world, we have thee kind of materials, the organic, and it mean all is alive, the inorganic, and it mean metals and rocks principally, then, she told, the SYNTHETIC materials, or PLASTIC.

Well dudes, don’t know how you stay about culture, but for me plastic is used to ISOLATE energy, and surely not to amplify, to make jump, or nothing else then CONTAIN. This because if you touch it, you will die, because that energy, is an electron flux, and electron is NEGATIVE in the atom. Well, so you think what i told you are bullshits, give up and return to listen the mr. plastics, peoples payed to say to sicking lies to make us ask to ourselves if they consider us really so ignorant.

About me, i will see if is possible insert links, pictures in a decent way, videos etc, in this poor version of wordpress. I understand they want sell, but… this is ridicolous… I hope i will find the button to save article…. 🙂

Orgone Beeswax Pyramid

piramide orgonite

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